Dario Alejandro Narvaez




A collaboration human-machine to go beyong perception and creativity

1. Project Pitch 1. (083118)


I am interested in exploring the inclusion in art and sports through the use of intelligent machines, smart and programmable materials and biomechatronic. I am very interested in the story of Jose Richard, a Colombian deafblind passionate about football soccer, who lives intensely every game of his favorite local team. The sense he has left as the tool to communicate with the World is touch. In this image, I propose a system that works through the coordination of important events of the game (position of the players on the field, type of plays made, important events such as corner kicks, free kicks, fouls, etc...) with an ‘smart’ table that mutates accordingly with these series of actions. This way, Jose Richard can feel and follow 100% and beyond of what is happening in real life.


14K Rose Gold Plated, Premium Silver and 18K Gold Plated

14K Rose Gold Plated, Premium Silver and 18K Gold Plated

The surprise and eventuality are key elements in the necklace, whose function is revealed by layers, and where its attributes are passively maintained and are not screaming for attention.

This necklace aims to be a piece that embrace the communication of feelings by creating emotional bonds between people. The intention is to let people create unique values and meanings that extend the symbolic, functional and formal life of the object.


I intended to create an object that can powerfully promote new relations and ‘appreciation’ levels. The design intended to use the minimum number of pieces, the chain and the main piece that acts as a hook, to promote an elegant, intuitive and meaningful interaction.


The interaction is simple and meaningful. The main message is revealed strong and concise by the action of light.