Dario Alejandro Narvaez



0. First Domain Map Approximation made on 082918


1. Project Pitch:

I am interested in exploring the inclusion in art and sports through the use of intelligent machines, smart and programmable materials and biomechatronics. I am very interested in the story of Jose Richard, a Colombian deaf-blind passionate about football soccer, who lives intensely every game of his favorite local team. The sense he has left as the tool to communicate with the World is touch. In this image, I propose a system that works through the coordination of important events of the game (position of the players on the field, type of plays made, important events such as corner kicks, free kicks, fouls, etc...) with an ‘smart’ table that mutates accordingly with these series of actions. This way, Jose Richard can feel and follow 100% and beyond of what is happening in real life.


2. Elevator Pitch:

I’m interested in exploring the equity and inclusion in the arts of people with physical disabilities through the collaboration with social robots, biomechatronics and smart materials.

I’m interested in exploring the equity and collaboration between humans and machines to create new  ways of art and design.

3. Initial list of Domains (and interests):

Art Democracy/ Physical Disabilities – Inclusion in arts (the making and the perception) / Physical Disabilities – Inclusion in sports (the practice and the perception) / Adaptive sports / Adaptive arts / “Super-Human” / Human-Machine Collaboration / Post-Humanism / Trans-Humanism / Technological Equity (Tech+Human Equity) / 

Social Robots /Biomechatronics (Enhance human physical abilities) / Robotics/Intelligent Machines / Science Fiction (Issac Asimov, Peter Watts, Anne Lecke) / Decline of Manual Labor in the digital era / Automation / Vulnerability of Robots / ROS (Robot Operating System) / Hacking manufacturing processes / Hacking intelligent machines

Smart materials / Programmable materials / Dynamic form and function / Adaptive products / Self-Transformation / “Self-Assembly” / Nano-Tech / Active Textiles




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