Designing playfulness

Client: Colgate (USA) / Project developed with Curve ID Design Team

Colgate asked us to design and develop the first toothbrush suitable for infants and Toddlers between the ages of 0-2 years, becoming the entry point to the Oral Care category.


(Left) Original Digital Sketch - (Right) Sketch with Choking block. Wings geometry prevents choking


The challenge consisted in designing a toothbrush that also works as a teether. That’s why we included some recessed details in the butterfly’s wings so babies can get relief when new teeth are growing in. We found inspiration in nature to create the toothbrush, this along considering the highest standards to avoid choking hazards and possible contamination.

Other challenge consisted in designing a functional toothbrush (“looks like a toothbrush”), following an animal/nature theme, and it’s also being lightweight. We envisioned a 2D development of the character, instead of the volume 3D seen in the other competitors, we also minimized weight by adding big holes that are both aesthetically appropriate and purposely functional.


When resting on a horizontal surface. The head of the toothbrush doesn’t get in contact with the surface, avoiding contamination.

Screenshots from Creo-Pro Engineer - 3D Development considering minimum draft angles