Now, more than just the thought of your Porsche will keep you warm.

Personal Concept project

Background Image: @ferdaviola


This project was part of design competition organized by FastCompany. The task was simply to design any object inspired by the iconic details of the Porsche 911. It couldn’t be a car, and it had to be smaller than a living room but larger than a wallet. Beyond that, it was up to the designer to dream up something great.  

The work was judged by Dror Benshetrit, who has created products for everyone from Cappellini to Target, and Jens Martin Skibsted, founder of Biomega and the designer behind Puma’s superb line of city bikes.  

The Porsche Ignite is an indoor/outdoor fireplace inspired by the features of the Porsche 911. The iconic left side ignition button, gasoline injection, the sound of a Porsche Engine firing up, and the beauty of the curvatures and the side lines.


Inspired by the iconic lines of the Porsche 911


Bring the passion of Porsche to your downtime.

The Porsche Ignite is an indoor/outdoor chiminea designed to extend the Porsche experience beyond the iconic vehicle. The aim is to capture the distinctive aesthetic as well as the emotional exhilaration at Porsche is known for. The Ignite produces a brilliant, warm, and clean-burning flame that will, like the Porsche 911 Carrera, enliven the senses.


Porsche 911 Identity

Stay warm beside the pinnacle of precision engineering. Identity and Recognition.

Porsche 911 Experience

Press the iconic left-side-located ignition switch and feel the roaring flame ignite.

Porsche 911 Precision

Refill the ignition fluid beneath the Porsche gas cap door. Details inspired by the Porsche 911 exhaust.


Porsche 911 Lines

The classic wind-derived Porsche lines are alluring indoors and out. Lines inspired by the  iconic Porsche 911 headlights.