• Kitsch
  • Culture
  • Symbols
  • Icons
  • Imagery
  • Representation
  • Relative art
  • Cheesiness
  • Tackiness
  • Popular
  • Exaggerated
  • Collage
  • Screams
  • Direct
  • Literal
  • Unconscious
  • Impulse
  • Funny
  • Colorful
  • Incongruent
  • Deep Dream
  • Patterns
  • Psychedelic
  • Hallucination
  • Blend
  • Repackaging
  • Straightforwardness
  • Excessiveness
  • Co
  • Creation
  • Cooperation
  • Partnership
  • Coexistence
  • Harmonious
  • Couple
  • Coordination
  • Meaningful
  • Unique
  • Conception
  • DNA
  • Conceive
  • Sensory
  • Sculpture
  • 3D Scanning
  • Waste
  • Error


Images, sounds, objects, videos, or any type of human expression that lacks an interpretive content. Kitsch representations are direct, exaggerated and literal, they are born from an impulse rather than a conscious analysis. Kitsch elements are a set of symbols and icons that are grouped without necessarily being related to each other. These symbols are expressed as they are, without being revealed by layers ... they scream at you trying to gain prominence.

Impulse-based creations.



Group of objects, icons and images that represent something in its simplest and simplified way (an action, a story or an association). They are observed and interpreted with the use of any kind of sense. They may or may not be related to each other. They are impartial and devoid of value in themselves (they are not good or bad); its interpretation and execution by the observer is what adds a positive or negative value.



Related to the collaboration between 2 or more people to create and conceive something (a representation or an action). Actions that carry a meaningful expression, and imply of coordination and the harmonious ability to create something.




Elements left over from an external effect, or that are not used. The waste can be seen from different views: By reusing, recycling and recovering; by reducing or by zero waste.

Waste is an error of design. Designing with waste vs Zero waste. Achieving waste reduction through the design process.



It refers to an entity that inhabits the dimensions x, y and z; which creates volumes and empty spaces. It can exist in the real or virtual world, created with the use of any manual and digital tools. The sculptures may have decorative and/or functional purposes. They can be a representation, an abstraction or a faithful copy of a real entity.

Paper bus

This is the story of Roberto, a school bus driver who got fire from his job a couple months ago. The reason? One day, by accident (as he acknowledges), he fell asleep when he had to pick up the elementary school children from San Marcos School, the smallest school in town. From the kids there was no complaint; they were happy playing and waiting until eventually they were picked up by their respective parents later in the evening. Roberto lost his job, and the option of being promoted to transport the older children who studied in the morning ... It seemed that everything was lost, because it was the only thing Roberto felt safe doing.

Now Roberto lives with his grandfather, a miserly old man whose only job is to keep, day by day, the newspapers that are printed in his city. They are 3 editions, one from the republican’s side, one from the democrats and the other from both. His house is flooded with papers and news that are now part of the architecture; they form columns, pilasters, tables, chairs, stools and fly swatter. Newspapers are the protagonists of the space; the tenants are invisible between so much rubble.

Roberto has thought of giving them away, but his grandfather faithfully guards them from his chair next to the main door. He cuts out each main title of each edition and paste them into an almanac that is hung next to the door; it is as if it were a work of art, flooded with words and images that have no meaning, one on top of another; they form a thick wall of more than 3 inches that combines with the white glue, which, in many parts, has been taken the color from the prints. All the objects of the house are part of the collection of trophies that his grandfather guard with fervor, it is the way he sees his investment shaped ... the investment of more than 30 years.

Every day Roberto got up with the anxiety and the impotence of not being able to get a job. He was aware that all he could do was to drive busses. One day, at breakfast, when he was thinking what to do, sitting on top of a pile of newspapers from years past; he came up with a brilliant idea. Seeing his house flooded with newspapers, letters and symbols, he thought he could create a way to use them to design a new transportation system. He came up with the idea of building a bus made of completely glued newspapers…One sticked on top of another.

His grandfather thought it was a great idea. He could live without his grandson and also continuing to create with his newspapers and watch his investment roll through the streets of the town. The next day, the two were already trimming and gluing parts of the bus; one of them working on the tires, the other on the engine and the chairs. It was a cooperative job that they both enjoyed.

After 3 months of hard work they managed to create the whole vehicle. It was different, it was flooded with words and stories, papers intertwined to create new stories even more interesting and entertaining; the images came together creating new funny and fabulous images. There were crossword and word-search puzzles, and many more games ... it seemed like every part of the bus was alive.

When Roberto drove through the town to prove his invention, everybody could not help but be surprised to see that peculiar vehicle; it did not sound, it did not pollute and it was rarely beautiful. Chaotic but beautiful.

After a few days, Roberto received a call from the school that fired him months ago. He could go back to work, but he had to do it with his new bus. Why not! He thought. The next day he was already on his new bus rolling towards his first day of work.

When the kids got into the bus, they couldn’t stop reading, laughing at the pictures and playing. Every time they wanted to discover a new story, they simply ripped a piece of paper, and found something new and unique, as if the bus was revealing itself.

After a few years, there were not only paper buses, but also houses, streets and parks. Each place had countless stories to tell, each in a unique and different way, different from each other. Now, Roberto not only was driving a bus, but also building news things on paper with the help of his grandfather.