Dario Alejandro Narvaez

Rana ideation


First round of sketches

First round of sketches

First round of digital sketches. Idea of cork monolith with metal structure

The main challenge was to take the essence of the traditional Colombian ring toss game and extract its essential elements to implement them in the proposed design. We started with the actual game and began to ask ourselves what was really needed to play and how we could be take advantage of its historic richness and the story behind the game.

Digital Sketches.  Color options

Digital Sketches. Color options

The Research and Concept Development phase took about 1.5 months. In these stages, the existing game was analyzed and broken down into is main elements and interactions. After several brainstorming and sketching sessions, we managed to get the right aesthetics, and also perfected the manufacturing processes to encourage efficiency.

Search for simplification

Second Round of Digital Sketches. Simplifying forms and Designing for Manufacture.