Dario Alejandro Narvaez

Muma cover

Ingo Task Chair

Inclusive Ergonomics

Client: MUMA (Colombia)   /    Project developed with Curve ID Design Team

MUMA, a company well known in South-America as a pioneer in the improvement of the office environment, asked to design a distinctive, affordable task chair that would capture MUMA’s 63 years of experience in one iconic product.

The team of New York based designers were challenged to create the first ‘100% chair’ designed for the Latin Market. Our goal was to deliver the highest ergonomic performance for the most reasonable price, offering high comfort at a competitive price to emerging markets both national and international.

Every element of the chair has been developed to enhance the ‘In-gonomics’ concept (Inclusive ergonomic design for everyone). Using fluid curves the innovative back rest suspension pattern works in harmony with advanced materials; fusing clean aesthetics and smart engineering into an affordable and highly ergonomic product.


The backrest integrates a lumbar and sacro-support adjustable in height and depth which adapts to the user’s needs, favoring a good posture of the pelvic zone – principle of a healthy posture in the workplace.