Dario Alejandro Narvaez

Muma ideation

Re-thinking Ergonomics

Ingo-nomics. An Integrated solution

We used the design direction, Integrated Solution, as the basis for the overall chair design. The idea is to simplify the chair by integrating the back frame with the overall structure of the chair. Instead of having multiple pieces comprising as the framework for the back rest, we simplified the back rest into one single piece frame, thus reducing the manufactured parts and also the assembly time. The base , the mechanism, and the arm rest are “off-the-shelf” products, relying the design to the backrest, and investing resources to these areas.

The resulting frame gives the final design a more coherent look with the commercial parts; a back frame that is more integrated and interlocked with the rest of the chair.


Every element of the Ingo chair has been developed in response to the design directions found during the research. The innovative backrest suspension pattern works in harmony with advanced materials, fusing clean aesthetics, smart engineering and low environmental impact into an affordable and highly ergonomic product.