Dario Alejandro Narvaez

Muma research

Finding paths for Innovation

People spend about 9 years of their lives sitting in their offices, and 93% of the time they are in the office is spent in their work chairs. This reiterates the importance of making a good choice of chairs for the workplace, a product responsible with the human body. To feel comfortable, work efficiently and have good posture habits is necessary to have a chair that supports and follow your body, that suits the way you work, that will intuitively fit to the changes, which allows you to stay focused.


We analyzed the office task chair market landscape and identified that most ergonomic centric chairs starting with a retail price range of $400 - $500, with the majority costing upwards of $600-$900. While this is a worthy investment, not all consumers can afford such a steep price.

To understand the process between getting the chair from manufacturer to end user. The team talked with the stakeholders. Internally at MUMA, we started with the manufacturing and engineering team, the design team, the sales and international sales department. We visited interior architects and buyers who are involved in the sales process. We then went to the final user, interviewing them to understand their perspectives and behavior in relation to the task chair and their working environment.